23 January 2009

very sad

as happy as i am on day 3 of "Hope/Change 09," it just struck me how incredibly sad it is that my country has reached a point where we achieve euphoria over "change" when the president says "we won't torture people any more and everyone gets the habeus corpus promised in the constitution.

i'm sorry i didn't catch the mass jersey wave as shrub flew off into the sunset.

27 December 2008


i think this is my favorite "other blog post" ever...

annals of ezra klein

26 November 2008

smartest post yet


ezra gets it more correct than i've yet seen.

04 November 2008

an important distinction

in 2004, i voted against gw bush. sure, technically, the vote was 'for' john kerry, but i didn't care about that part. I was voting against someone with my affirmative vote for something else.

today i voted for something. I voted for Barack Obama because i believe in his message, his plan, his ability, and him.

that's why this is historic for me.

I voted for something for the first time, and not against.

yes we did.

18 April 2008

Back and better than ever.

Wow, it's been awhile. I hope someone somewhere sees this. I just saw this comic and was inspired.

It's absolutely right, in its way -- one never needs to worry about embarrassment because really, you start out about as embarrassing as it can get and you're going to end up that way too (without the "pulled out a vag" bit," unless you've died very very happy), with someone probably responsible for helping you poo, so why in the hell am i going to worry about anything in the middle?

New outlook on life: Here i come.


25 January 2008

Who was the Boss?


23 January 2008

fuck her gently?

on the one hand, i need to not rely on other websites to create my content. on the other hand, they want to produce top quality content under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License, i'll be happy to say "hey, i love what this says" and provide a link to the original source.

Screwing with peoples' heads is great. Granted, it's a sign of extreme social anxiety and inability to, you know, cope, but still... i like the thought.